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Welcome to the AirLogic Help Center

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About AirLogic

AirLogic brings together sensor measurements to help you track the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants from your facilities. The variety and velocity of emissions data on the market is increasing rapidly. So must our tools for viewing, analyzing, and understanding it all. At BlueSky Resources, we believe that the ability to seamlessly compare diverse datasets in one place will significantly elevate our understanding of emissions, cut costs, and speed up decision making.

We believe that:

  • Data should be ready-to-go at your fingertips. There should be as little difficulty as possible in gathering everything necessary to analyze a site. Barriers to information DO NOT facilitate understanding. We are always taking suggestions for new datasets and views to add.
  • Context should be ever-present. Less obvious information can often be the most valuable. Contextual data should always be at arm’s reach, but not overly distracting. This can be in the form of terrain, wind, population, yearly trends, and anything else relevant to
  • Sharing should be effortless. So you’ve stumbled across something interesting and want input from others. Or you’ve identified the source of a problem and need to take the next steps. It should be effortless to share each new understanding with others.
  • Monitoring should not be a chore. Rather than continuously digging deep on every site, the tool should help you identify anomalies that warrant further investigation. Questions should arise naturally instead of needing to be created forcefully.

Please take note of whenever our software succeeds—and more importantly, falls short—at achieving these outcomes. Your input is critical for developing a cutting-edge emissions management tool. Contact us with your feedback.

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